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offshore_video_hosting1It has long been realized that offshore servers, though fast and reliable, are in many instances slow for hosting streaming videos. The reason is simply remoteness of offshore data centers from the mainland. The pings travel under the sea to European and US visitors making rich contents upload at very slow rates. Tracert-ing most offshore hosting sites will reveal a long tail of nodes that the signal has to pass before reaching your PC. Recently, however, this problem has been given more attention as the demand for offshore anonymous video hosting rose rapidly. Some offshore providers decided to invest more in bandwidth and offer dedicated bandwidth solutions – at steep prices compared to most mainland hosting companies. This solution definitely makes life easier for many rich graphic content websites. Images load better and faster with dedicated bandwidth. Even 1 Mbs dedicated bandwidth is more than enough for many image-rich offshore sites to load quite fast.

Another approach focused on outsourcing rich video and image hosting to fast file hosters. Then using the direct download links for such files, you can feed them into your streaming video player that you use for your website. While you host your website on an offshore server in, say Malaysia, the video and image feeds go directly from the fast file hosting server located in Europe, for example. In this way, you can have high speed downloads for your rich contents seemingly hosted offshore.

YoHOST.ORG has been offering this service to its clients for a long time. Their partnering Swiss based service allows webmasters to host all their rich contents on super fast, reliable servers in a Swiss datacenter while hosting their website pages on their Panamian or Malaysian servers offshore. This solution has turned out to be an optimal offshore hosting solution for rich media contents.
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  1. Ya it’s a good website i will try it, thanks a lot.

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