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anonymous_payment_accountsThe recent overhaul in the e-currency industry left few reliable alternatives for private payments on the Internet. E-gold based e-currencies were shut down one after another and many innocent merchants and their clients now have their funds stuck on e-gold and e-bullion accounts with little more to expect.

These developments make it important to look for robust options that will not disappear overnight. It is especially important for merchants’ reputation to offer such payment gateways to their clients most of whom create accounts in those payment systems after noticing their respective acceptence logos on the merchant’s websites.

Anonymous and offshore hosting industry has always been one of the ardent supporters and users of the private payment solutions. The reason is of course “privacy”. Few of us feel safe to feed our credit card details into the blinking screens. Besides, the e-currency based solutions usually have better “anti-phishing” protection than most credit card based alternatives.

So to ask a question in simple terms: Is there a totally anonymous payment option available today? The answer is “yes”. First, you get a WebMoney WMZ (USD denominated) prepaid card or Paymer Check (which are essentially the same thing) from one of the Internet dealers paying with PayPal or a credit card. Then, if the merchant you are trying to pay to accepts WebMoney (and the chance is that he or she accepts it in US dollars), at the check-out stage, you simply select “Paymer or prepaid WM-card” and enter your WM card’s details. It is this simple. And you can use the same card or Paymer check more than once as long as there is a positive balance on it.

The other option is Liberty Reserve. It is more cumbersome than a WebMoney prepaid card because you will need to actually register and fund an LR account. To create an account you will need to provide your personal details. And in order to fund your LR account you will need to find an exchange service that accepts PayPal, cards or bank wire transfers.

Once you get enough money on your LR account though, you can pay to the merchant using the “Private payment” option that will hide your LR account’s number from the merchant. As such, it is anonymous.

There are some resources for funding your Liberty Reserve accounts. I must warn you though that there is a lot of fraud going on with Liberty Reserve funding websites and you can easily fall a victim of fraudsters.

Look for WebMoney WMZ cards/Paymer Checks on Ebay.
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  1. Oh, It’s good idea, how can i pay to the hosting companies?

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